Welcome to the official website of the High Council of Clan Donald....
We hope you will find our new website useful and informative,
and will check back often as we develop these pages to be of service,
not only to those who are already members of our great Clan,
but to those who are discovering their ancestral roots among us...
This page was last updated: April 3, 2014
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The mission of the High Council of Clan Donald
is to provide leadership, guidance and communication,
and to bring unity to the world-wide Clan Donald.
To this end, the High Council of Clan Donald sponsors an Annual Clan Donald Forum.
The aims of this Annual Forum are:
~ To build a stronger Clan Donald
~ To create a vision for the future
~ To increase the role of the High Council by becoming
   more accessible to the world-wide Clan Donald membership
~ To improve communication with the Clan
~ To provide a platform for bringing important Clan
   matters to the attention of the High Council
~ To unite the Clan and bring leadership and direction world-wide
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If you are interested in membership in Clan Donald
we provide information and local contacts here
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Flow Chart of the Organisation of Clan Donald
The links to purchase the republished version of
"CLAN DONALD by Donald J. Macdonald of Castleton" are on this page!
Our recommended Links, both Clan Donald specific and general information
Macdonald of Macdonald
Crest Badge
Macdonald of Sleat
Crest Badge
Macdonald of Clanranald
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MacDonell of Glengarry
Crest Badge
McDonnell of Antrim
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Read about our Chiefs' activities and visits to
Clan Donald organisations world-wide!
- Please check this page for upcoming Events of interest
The Arms
Ranald Macdonald
The Arms
Sir Ian Macdonald
Sleat, Bt.
The Arms
The Rt. Hon.
Lord Macdonald
The Arms
Ranald MacDonell
The Arms
The Rt. Hon.
Earl of Antrim
Information about The Clan Donald Stone, and directional Map locating the Stones on the Culloden Battlefield,
prepared by Donald M. Macdonald and Lois MacDonell of Glengarry
We will be posting photos of various events and Tours for your
enjoyment, so check back often for the latest photos!
This page features a Flash presentation containing scenes of many historical lands of Clan Donald in Scotland,our beloved Ancestral Home!
June 23 - 30, 2014!! We will go to Armadale,
and attend Bannockburn Live, commemorating the 700th Anniversary
of one of Scotland's most significant battles, the Battle of Bannockburn!