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The Arms
Ranald Macdonald
The Arms
Sir Ian Macdonald
Sleat, Bt.
The Arms
The Rt. Hon.
Lord Macdonald
The Arms
Ranald MacDonell
The Arms
The Rt. Hon.
Earl of Antrim
Macdonald of Macdonald
Crest Badge
Macdonald of Sleat
Crest Badge
Macdonald of Clanranald
Crest Badge
MacDonell of Glengarry
Crest Badge
McDonnell of Antrim
Crest Badge
Northern Ireland
June 13 - 20, 2008
The High Council of Clan Donald Tour of 2008
to the lands of the McDonnells of Antrim in Northern Ireland was a resounding success!

We were extremely fortunate to have had the attendance
of all five Chiefs during this tour even though Lord Macdonald & Claire
could only be with us for a few days.

The absolute highlight of our Tour this year was the presence of
The Honorable Hector McDonnell
brother of the Earl of Antrim, noted artist, author, illustrator and historian,
to provide commentary, in his own amazing style, on the history of the sites we visited.

Once again, we owe a huge THANK YOU
to Rob McDonald Parker & Marion Parker and to Peggy Ruetz
for all the work they did to plan this wonderful Tour,
and to keep us all organized and "on track" while we were in Ireland,
sorting out details as we went along. 
On these pages we will be sharing a few photos of our adventures,
so check back often in the next few days as new photos are posted!
Sir Ian of Sleat, Glengarry, The Earl of Antrim and Clanranald
at Glenarm Castle, Monday, June 16, 2008
The Official Group Photo ~ Glenarm Castle
June 16, 2008
taken by Castle Photographers
The Hon. Hector McDonnell; The Hon. Alexander McDonnell; Viscount Dunluce; Carolyn, Lady Glengarry; The Chief of Glengarry; The Earl of Antrim; Sir Ian Macdonald of Sleat, Viscountess Dunluce; The Captain & Chief of Clanranald
Maria & Neil MacDonald, Mary McIsaac, Susan McDonald-Wright, David Macdonald of Castlecamus,
Debra Macdonald, Ken & Velda McDonald
Karen McGill, Dennis McGill, Harold McIsaac, Elizabeth MacDonnell, Lola Putnam, Marilyn Wright, Tanna May & Merlin MacReynold
Irene McDonald, Karen Krueger, Joe Alexander, Randal MacDonnell, Tinie Pyke, Frank Putnam, Dennis Wright
John & Carol Magill, Ian Macdonnell, Ron Coutts, Peggy Ruetz, Joella Coutts, John Pyke, Hubie Manning, John Burroughs
Rob McDonald Parker, Marion Parker, Carolyn Alexander, Rachel & Charles Turner, Al Manning, Lenard McDonald
Row 1, L-R:
Row 2, L-R:
Row 3, L-R:
Row 4, L-R:
Row 5, L-R:
Row 6, L-R:
Copies of this photo will be available to all Tour participants,
sent from Rob McDonald Parker.
Pricing information & payment instructions
will be available soon!
Watch this page for more photos coming soon!