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We provide here a list of suggested links,
to guide you to other Clan Donald web sites
and related web sites with useful and valuable information :
Armadale Castle Gardens & Museum of The Isles -
The Clan Donald Centre - Clan Donald Lands Trust
        Armadale and The Clan Donald Centre is the home of Clan Donald on the Isle of Skye, supported and maintained by the Clan Donald Lands Trust, for all persons of Clan Donald heritage.  Please visit the on-line shop, where items can be purchased directly, including tartan scarves, sashes and ties, along with many gifts, books, jewelry.  Support Clan Donald and Armadale by your purchase! 
The Finlaggan Trust
       The Finlaggan Trust works to support the Centre of the Lordship of the Isles on Islay, preserving the ruins on Eilean Mor and Eilean na Comhairle,  preserves the carved stones on Eilean Mor, and maintains an Interpretive centre for visitors.
The Glencoe Heritage Trust
      The Glencoe Heritage trust was founded by Alistair MacDonald, a descendant of the MacDonald's of Glencoe in order that this area of Glencoe, so historically significant in Clan Donald history, remains in local hands.  Contributions are still needed to repay the original purchase loan, as well as to maintain their ongoing work.
The Galley Aileach - The Lord of The Isles Galley Trust
       The Galley Aileach is the first replica of a Hebridean birlinn (or West Highland Galley) ever built.  She is owned and supported by the Lord of the Isles Galley Trust, a charitable trust set up to promote knowledge of the maritime history of the Celtic Revival period in Scotland.
Clan Donald UK
    This website includes lots of useful information, including history, castles, tartans
and much is well worth a visit by anyone interested in Clan Donald.
Clan Donald USA
Clan Donald Canada
Clan Donald Australia
Clan Donald New Zealand
Clan Donald Heritage
     This website has lots of information, including extensive history, ancestry charts and references
The History of Glencoe
     This is the official website of Glencoe, Scotland and has very good history information from the area, including the Massacre of Glencoe.
The Massacre of Glencoe - From
          The posted history here of the Massacre of Glencoe is one of the best available.  Electric Scotland is without doubt one of the very best websites for information on all things Scottish.
The Scottish Tartans Authority
     This website has a wealth of information on tartans, including the history, weaving, dyeing...almost anything you ever wanted to know about tartan.  There is also an extensive article on how to wear the kilt and Highland dress on this site.
Tartan Search - from
     Since Clan Donald has so many tartans available, one of the most common questions we get asked by both new members and old is about our tartans.  This is one of the best Tartan viewers on the web, in the opinion of your webmaster.  By clicking the link above, you will be taken to the Tartan Viewer, where you can select the tartan of your choice to view from each of the tartan mills currently weaving that tartan.  We highly recommend that you visit a Scottish Kilt Vendor to view the tartans "in person" before ordering as colors can vary quite a bit from a small photo on the web to the real thing!
The Battle of Cullodan - From
     The posted history here is again one of the best availalbe on the internet.
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