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The Arms
Ranald Macdonald
The Arms
Sir Ian Macdonald
Sleat, Bt.
The Arms
The Rt. Hon.
Lord Macdonald
The Arms
Ranald MacDonell
The Arms
The Rt. Hon.
Earl of Antrim
Macdonald of Macdonald
Crest Badge
Macdonald of Sleat
Crest Badge
Macdonald of Clanranald
Crest Badge
MacDonell of Glengarry
Crest Badge
McDonnell of Antrim
Crest Badge
Our tour begins as it often has, in Edinburgh, at the Macdonald Holyrood
Get some rest, and we will have a dinner together.

Day Two, we depart in our coach bus for Skye. This is a very scenic drive on                       the way to the Highlands and Islands.  Depending on the ferry schedules,                            which are out in January, we should be able to have a little respite near Mallaig,                   at Arisaig House, long years ago a home of Clanranald.  A short ferry ride to                        Armadale, on to our hotel, the King's Arms, along the shore, to unpack, and on                   to the Clan Donald Center at Armadale for  BBQ.

Day Three, time for a boat ride to see the seals and photograph the shore.  We                   shall warn the Macleods this time that the Macdonalds are on the way to see                       Dunvegan Castle.  We will leave the Fairy Flag where it is.  We will eat either at                    the Clan Donald Center or the hotel.

Day Four, Ferry back to the mainland, and another scenic drive.  We plan on                       stopping at the village of Killin, in the Central Highlands, once the vacation                          home of our Clanranald.  Hopefully, the primary school children Gaelic choir will                  give us a short concert.  Walk the village main street, find a small stone ring,                       before going on to Kenmore, to the top of Loch Tay, to see the Crannog, Iron                      Age housing.  Back to Edinburgh, back to the Macdonald Holyrood for dinner                      and a good night's rest. 

Day Five  (NOTE:  the Royal Highland show has been cancelled for this date!)
We will take a bus to Killin, have lunch and explore this small village. Hopefully we can
visit the crannog, and the Kenmore hotel where Robert Burns wrote a poem on a wall. 
We will then go to Stirling to see the Pipefest and back to Edinburgh.       
Day Six, OYO  (on your own) If you want ideas or help, Rob Parker is ready with                  some suggestions, Peggy will help as well, and there are pamphlets in hotels and                  stores.  No group dinner is planned. Pubbing?

Day Seven, Off to Stirling! Bannockburn!  Battle plans changed to be more                          accurate due to research by Ian MacDonnell, Australia.  Battle reenacted by the                   "boys" of the Clanranald Trust, Charlie Allan their leader  (not connected                             directly to our chief Clanranald).  Clan Donald Highlands and Islands will be                         manning a tent on the grounds.  Stop by, help out, and have a good time.  
Depending on the event planners vision, we are thinking of dinner back in                            Edinburgh, but time will tell as plans are revealed by the Bannockburn                                 Committee  You will need to buy lunch on the grounds.
June 23 - June 30, 2014
NOTE:  You will need to purchase your own tickets to the Battle of Bannockburn event!
It is recommended that you purchase immediately if you plan to attend!
Please follow the link below to purchase these tickets: - Battle of Bannockburn tickets
June 30:    Depart Edinburgh, or contact Peggy if you wish to add more nights at the Holyrood.
NOTE:  This price reflects an estimated charge for three dinners.
It is possible that the cost will be a "wee bit more"
to include another dinner and a possible Pipefest.
Please contact Peggy Ruetz for final pricing
and pricing for a Single if needed.
June 23:
June 24:
June 25:
June 26:
June 27:
June 28:
June 29:
Click HERE to download and print the 2014 Registration Form

Please contact Peggy Ruetz  with questions!
Click HERE to download and print the 2014 Itinerary
(The charge above to be split between two people)